StreetID Certification

Benefits of StreetID Certification

StreetID Certification allows you to stand out as a featured Candidate.

Our team verifies that all of your profile information is accurate and factual.

The StreetID filtering system is configured so that certified Candidates are

displayed above non-certified Candidates in the event of identical profile matches. 

The Certification Team will verify the following information:

Employment (previous 3 positions or 7 years):
· Dates of employment
· Salary
· Titles
· Duties
· Reasons for leaving

· Diplomas and Degrees

Professional Licenses:
· Confirmation and status of any Certifications and Licenses

Criminal Background Check (dating back 7 years) 


Flat Fee of $150

Additional Fees if you have lived in the following States in the last 7 years

  • Maine ($31)
  • Vermont ($31)
  • New York ($65)